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You can also contact me on facebook/twitter/tumblr/goodreads/formspring
  • Let it be known that I do have a personal life and I'm not always online. So, if you are getting in contact with me for advice/questions on blogging, reviews, ect. it will probably take a while before I get back with you.
  • Here's the thing; I don't mind if you add me on facebook (more friends that happier I get), because right now I don't have a facebook created for my blog (since I've only just started). But, I would like it if you guys would respect what I post on my page and not through fits, because I do have a delete button if that happens. And on that note, you can follow me on any of my other sites, I would appreciate the followers.
  • Keep noted that if you're asking me questions on formspring, please keep the question towards blogging, reviews and books. You can ask me personal questions or advice on situations you're having, but I might not always answer the personal question you throw my way.
  • I'm a really sweet person, so don't be afraid to get in contact with me. But please, be respectful. The more you show me you're kindness, the more I'll come to love you.