About Me

Hello I'm Megan and I'm bad at making decisions. I’ve come to the realize that there's just a small handful of people in this world I can really count on. That handful of family and friends are what gets me through most days. I'm also finding that being alone sometimes is a good thing. I like hanging out in my backyard and reminisce about the good days. I tend to talk a lot, but most of the time, I'm quiet. I usually go for the cold nights rather than the warm sunny days. I'm drug free, slut free, and smoke free. I think life is made up of many random moments, how you use them is what will make you who you are. I act before I think and I really need to change that. I'm used to people hating on me for no apparent reasons. I’ve been through a lot in my life. It’s not always been easy not knowing where you’re going to go or if things are going to work out. Over the years I’ve made many mistakes. But that's what life really is about, right? I take things way too seriously, sometimes. I have friends. Not many, but it's all about quality, not quantity. I spend most of my time reading, writing stories and playing guitar. Hopefully with all the reading I've done in my life, along with the writing I've accomplished, I'll become a successful author one day. It's my dream.


  • Reading
  • Writing stories and poetry
  • Playing guitar (His name is Gitah!)
  • Singing (I sometimes get moments when I feel a need for a song, which is a lot of the time, so I start singing lol)
  • Faeries and werewolves!!!!! 
  • All YA and Paranormal novels


  • Rude people (I can't stand the thought of people being rude/mean to others. I will speak up if I see that happen)
  • Fake friends (I've lived to know who's real and who's fake and I rather be making real friends that I can trust. So, speak up guys!)
  • Drama (I've had my fair share of this bullshit, please don't bring it around me) 

Paranormal Addict 
My blog is made out of the passion I have for reading YA and Paranormal novels. It's somewhere I can come and write all my thoughts about the different novels I've read or will begin reading without being judge or criticized. Question; "Why would I be judged and criticized for something I love doing?" Because, not everyone I'm surrounded by loves reading as much as I do nor do some of them like to read. There's probably about one or two people that share the same thoughts, feelings and opinions with me on reading. The rest of them look at it as something they have to do for homework for school or their just not interested. That's why I've made this blog to share my own experiences and feelings I hold dear to reading YA and Paranormal novels with millions of book readers just like me. I'm hoping that along the way the millions of book readers I meet who share these same feelings with me will enjoy my blog and that it will go far by becoming a place book readers feel comfortable to come and check out reviews on certain novels or book series before reading them. Plus, I hope book authors will be able to use my reviews for their books or give me the honor to write one for them. That would be a dream come true.